LAUGHTER And tears . . .


Samten de Wet[1]


“It was believed that Ra wept, and from the tears he wept came man.” [2]

We cry, we are born, we speak, we rage, we sleep, we have desires, and we laugh! Is any of this unusual to the human condition? I think not.

“Alexander Dumas tells in his Memoires that, as a child, he was bored, bored to tears. When his mother found him like that, weeping from sheer boredom, she said: ‘And what is Dumas crying about?’ ‘Dumas is crying because Dumas has tears,’ replied the six-year-old child.” [3]

In a Hermetic text preserved by Stobeus, we read:

“Tears are Kronos; birth is Zeus; speech [logos] is Hermes; anger is Ares; the moon is sleep; Aphrodite is desire; and the sun is laughter, for by him laugh all mortal minds, and boundless universe.” [4]

Look again at the seven words of the above planetary associations:

Tears, birth, speech, anger, sleep, desire, laughter

Now reading the quotation from the Hermetica carefully, let us reformulate it as a table:

Tears birth Speech anger sleep desire laughter
Kronos Zeus Hermes Ares moon Aphrodite sun
Or or Or Or or or

The point is that Astrology, or say, the Religion of the Stars, does not only exist outside our daily experiences. It is also not confined to mundane reality, but offers us a switchboard for us to compute the relationships between the microcosmos and the macrocosmos. [5]


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