A List of Resources

LUXLAPIS NEWSLETTER 8th September 2012. Levanto Italy.

This Short Newsletter, consists of a Bibliography of hyperlinked material, that when explored at leisure will reveal a narrative. A clue, to the inner structure of the discourse, is:


Booth, Charlotte, A study of the similarities between Hinduism and Ancient Egyptian Religion.

Cochrane, Ev Indra: A Case Study in Comparative Mythology

Eck, Diana L., Ganga. The Goddess Ganges in Hindu Sacred Geography

Immersion of the Goddess Durga in the river Ganges by Sarajit Sil

Garrett, Frances, Religion, Medicine and the Human Embryo in Tibet, Routledge, 2008

Gruia, Ana Maria, Fools, Devils, and Alchemy. Secular Images in the Monastery, Studia Patzinaka, 6, 2008, pp. 129-145

Kak, Subhash C., Indic Ideas in the Graeco-Roman World

Kak, Subhash C., Knowledge of Planets in the Third Millennium BC

McClain, Ernest, Myths of Invariance

Meyerowitz, Eva, The akan of Ghana, Their Ancient Beliefs

Nanda, Serena, Hijras, Encyclopedia of Hinduism,Volume 3, Society, Theology, Philosophy

See also: HIJRA

Brooke Somers, The Hijras of India, April 2008

Obrist, Barbara, Visualization in Medieval Alchemy, HYLE 9-2 (2003)

O’Flaherty, Wendy Doniger, Asceticism and Sexuality in the Mythology of iva. Part I

O’Flaherty, Wendy Doniger, Asceticism and Sexuality in the Mythology of iva. Part II, History of Religions, Vol. 9, No. 1 (Aug., 1969), pp. 1-41

Pellar, Brian R. The Foundation of Myth: A Unified Theory on the Link Between Seasonal/Celestial Cycles, the Precession, Theology, and the Alphabet/Zodiac

Schama, Simon, The Verdant Cross. . .

Shepherd, Kevin R. D., The Egyptian Sufi Dhu’l Nun al-Misri

Sivkov, Nikolay, Time and Cosmos: A Zoomorphic Cosmological Monument of the Late Antiquity

Starr, Peter, Towards a Context for Ibn Umayl, Known to Chaucer as the Alchemist Senior

Strudwick, Laura, Infinite Space and Self-Similar Form in Alchemy and Fractal Geometry

Szeghyova, Blanka, Editor, The Role of Magic in the Past. Learned and Popular Magic, Popular Beliefs and Diversity of Attitudes, Bratislav, 2005.

Tuzet, Helen L., Cosmic Images, Dictionary of the History of Ideas.

Twinch, Cecilia, Created for Compassion. Ibn ‘Arab’s work on Dh-l-Nn the Egyptian

Vllnagel, Jrg, Harley MS. 3469: Splendor Solis or Splendour of the Sun A German Alchemical Manuscript

Wasson,G. The Last Meal of the Buddha

Yours Sincerely

Samten de Wet

Turin, Italy

Cell: 342 7000 629



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