Divination and the Divine

divine – adjective (diviner, divinest) – 1 of, from, or like God or a god. devoted to God; sacred. 2 – informal excellent; delightful. noun 1 dated a cleric or theologian. 2 – (the Divine) providence or God. DERIVATIVES: divinely adverb. divineness noun – ORIGIN: Middle English: via Old French from Latin divinus, from divus ‘godlike’ (related to deus ‘god’).

From which I suggest we get: theos – God in Greek . . and thus: Zeus – the God of the Gods.

Thus, divination would indicate a process that brings us into harmony with the Divine. ‘Thy Will Be Done.” This necessitates abandoning all pretensions to a secular or materialistic interpretation of the divination act. Marriage, employment, travel &c. It cannot be called Divination. In this context, the term ‘Fortune Telling’ would be more appropriate.

Now of course, we are faced with the problem of what exactly is God? I think a suitable place to start, and to educate ourselves on the vastness of the subject, is Karen Armstrong’s excellent book ‘A History of God.’

In the Egyptian Tarot of The Brotherhood of Light, which I use, there is a statement of purpose which goes something like this: ‘Contribute Thy Utmost to Universal Welfare.” Now this is not very different to the Buddhist objective of: “May I gain Enlightenment for the Sake of All That Lives,”

Therefore, I would suggest that Divination provides a deeply spiritual link to an inclusive use of the word ‘religion’ itself – a definition not provided by the Dictionaries: re-ligare – to re-connect.

ligament – noun Anatomy a short band of tough, flexible, fibrous connective tissue which connects two bones or cartilages or holds together a joint – a membranous fold that supports an organ and keeps it in position. ORIGIN: Middle English: from Latin ligamentum ‘bond’, from ligare ‘to bind’.

The Fall from Grace, according to certain Gnostic Teachings, can be described as the entombment in the idea of a self, an ego, &c. This is the true interpretation of the Resurrection Card, Arcanum 20. It has nothing to do with the resurrection of a fleshy body from the grave. No sane person can reads this as an actual fact – but what it does indicate, is that we have to liberate our ‘selves’ from the bondage of materialism.

Because of its roots in ancient Egypt – the Tarot provides us with one essential message, presented in infinity of forms – and that is, we must re-connect to the Universal plan.

There are not a wide variety of choices in this matter. We are given a hard core, bimodal, binary situation – which is known in the Tarot as ‘The Two Paths.’ A very beautiful word for this is ‘bivio’ – which translates as Two Roads, or Two Paths. In fact the word ‘tarot’ itself, is often explained [without hieroglyphic evidence to my knowledge] as meaning ‘The Royal Road’ – or to contextualize the system in regard to Divination, ‘The Divine Path.’

The ‘bivio’ itself has to be seen in a very specific mythological sense. It is also called ‘The Choice of Hercules’ – because this Hero, was offered two routes, one a rocky road through life, that includes naturally The Twelve Labours of Hercules, and the other, the proverbial Bed of Roses. Yes, it is certain that the Twelve Labours correspond to the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac – and these understandings would enrichen and amplify our journey through life, when we apply the Divinatory imaginal inspirations of the Tarot, with the concrete factors produced by the Natal Chart.

For example, if you are working in a situation that is unethical, for example, as a Secretary for a dishonest lawyer or businessman, and you have an opportunity to return to the love of your life, which is teaching art to disadvantaged children, I do not think you need a Tarot Divination to tell you what to do. The Hercules Choice is obvious. The same would apply to people working in the arms manufacturing industry.

Leaving aside the depreciations of a monotheistic world view, and taking a pantheistic approach, for the purposes of amplifying our explorations – we could say, within reason, as the evidence is strong, that Divination leads us to manifest the action patterns of the Gods. Note the plural.

This would be in agreement with the Jungian archetypes . . . but a more correct manner of seeing the Divinatory act is a bit more detailed than this. The archetypes existed before Jung, and you do not have to pay the therapeutic price tag to be told this. Your Chart, for example gives an archetypal map which in conjunction with the Divinatory work of the Tarot, can produce very remarkable results. The Silver Key, and the Golden Key – Hemispheres of the Brain and so forth. These have become clichés . . .

It would be better to say, in summing up, that the Tarot as a tool of divination helps to create the links, between the microcosmos that is you, and the macrocosmos which is the Great Ocean of Being in which we are all implicated in the act of existence itself.

Thank You,

Samten de Wet

From this we get cartomancy – there are many ‘mancies’ – oeneromany &c., which indicates pantheistically that we can ‘read’ messages from the Gods.

The definitive article is the problem: the chair, the window, the brick and the soul. SEE: CARTOMANCY

From this we get cartomancy – there are many mancia’s oenormmancy – the interpretation of dreams . .

Theriomancy, Ailuromancy, Alectryomancy, Myomancy · Myrmomancy Ornithomancy, Bibliomancy, Oculomancy, Catoptromancy, Hydromancy, Cleromancy, Astragalomancy, Favomancy, Necromancy, Nigromancy, Somatomancy, Cephalomancy, Chiromancy, and Podomancy

There is a very large collection of ‘mancies’: HERE: METHODS OF DIVINATION.

mancy – combining form divination by a specified means: geomancy. DERIVATIVES: mantic combining form. ORIGIN: from Old French -mancie, via late Latin -mantia from Greek manteia ‘divination’.

We can thus call these constellations, the ‘Mantic Arts’, i.e.

Mantic: adjective formal relating to divination or prophecy. ORIGIN: C19: from Greek mantikos, from mantis ‘prophet’.

The subject of the Mantic Arts, is vast, and has permutations from the contaminated and vulgar to very pure hierophantic operations, which can be excavated and explored in all the major religious and spiritual systems of the world.


AngelaVoss, The Descent of Orpheus. Life between Lives Dialogue – Divination, Initiation or Therapy?


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