A Few Full Moon Words




11th November 2011

Dear Friends,

While reading a book on the Templars, I came across this beautiful piece:

“ . . . the researcher must be willing to throw a stone into the pond of knowledge and to follow to their limits the rings that spread from its point of contact with the water, for these waves consist of so many other forms of knowledge that may have been forgotten.

Juan Garcia Atienza, The Knights Templar in the Golden Age of Spain. Their Hidden History on the Iberian Peninsula, Destiny Books/Inner Traditions, Rochester, Vermont, 2006, p.9.

And then:

“Faith is an ever-widening pool of clarity, fed with springs beyond the margin of consciousness. We all know more than we know we know.”

Thornton Wilder, The Eighth Day.


“There are small bits of useless knowledge which stick to one’s brain like barnacles of a boat.”

Graham Greene, Monsignor Quixote.


“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

William Shakespeare.


"Observe, in short, how transient and trivial is all mortal life; yesterday a drop of semen, tomorrow a handful of spice or ashes. Spend, therefore, these fleeting moments on earth as Nature would have you spend them, and then go to your rest with a good grace, as an olive falls in its season, with a blessing for the earth that bore it and a thanks-giving to the tree that gave it life."

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Translated by Maxwell Staniforth.

Food for thought! This is the first of the new style automated Newsletter – so I am just trying the system out. There has been a great intensification of Work – a widening of the Network of Friends, and all sorts of exciting Projects are bouncing about. I promise to get everything into some shape for a proper Report – in the meanwhile, this is just an Experimental Greeting.

Yours Sincerely Samten [ Rember in this .html format, all links are in BLUE]

2011 was the Centenary Year for the Gothic writer: MERVYN PEAKE.

And here is an excellent Blog on ALLEN GINSBERG


The ARAS ARCHIVE is an excellent resource – which could be made available via the Jung Library – but an annual subscription is necessary – perhaps for Jungian Institutions . . . There is also an excellent ARAS FACEBOOK PAGE HERE where archetypal pictures are posted. [ARAS Publications in the Jung Library, Cape


Please note: On FACEBOOK – I use the alias Lily Beard.

“A writer


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