I keep on building massive collections on interesting websites and links, which I used to share in a newsletter. Here are a few morsels from the:

Smorgasbord: noun a range of open sandwiches and savoury delicacies served as hors d’oeuvres or a buffet. ORIGIN: Swedish, from smörgås ‘(slice of) bread and butter’ + bord ‘table’.


An Esoteric Quest for Ancient Alexandria

12th – 17th June, 2011 Alexandria, Egypt.


Timothy Scott, Remarks on the universal symbolism of the number 72

As I often note, the interface between the esoteric, culture and science is bearing much fruit at the moment.

Indra’s Net: Alchemy and Chaos Theory as Templates for Transformation | Reality Sandwich

REALITY SANDWICH: Featureteaser: In the age‑old image of the uroboros lies the thought of devouring oneself and turning oneself into a circulatory process, for it was clear to the more astute alchemists that the prima materia of the art was man


Bailey, Michael D – The Meanings of Magic, Magic, Ritual, and Witchcraft Journal, No.1 Online at Project Muse.


Gerald Schueler – Chaos and the Psychological Symbolism of the Tarot

THE MYSTIC TOWER – This intricate allegory is included in Fairfax Cartwright’s The Mystic Rose from the Garden of the King.”

Dr. Robert O’Neill, Iconology of the Tarot Cards


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