Invitation to The Pisces Imaginarium

The Piscean Imaginarium


Artist and 60’s survivor, ex-Buddhist monk, investigator of cultural & esoteric traditions & the History & Symbolism of the Tarot.

According to revered opinion Cape Town is ruled by Pisces. It is suggested that an amplification of this Sign, would have creative ramifications on the Inner & Outer, Individual & Collective social fabric of the city. This Illustrated talk consists of explorations of the archetypal material, and some speculations on the tripartition of the psyche in Piscean/Neptunian Astrological & Tarot symbolism . . . The title of the Talk honours the new Terry Gilliam film, “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus,’ which features the Tarot image of Pisces, The Hanged Man . . . . . .


Thursday 19th August,

Ikhaya Lodge, Dunkley Square, Cape Town.
6.30 p.m. for 7 p.m.

The Talk will be published and available for sale. Please RSVP if you are attending – or if not, whether you would like a copy reserved for yourself. Drinks, food, snacks etc are all available both before and after the talk. EMAIL


About arkanaroom

Researcher of Liminal Culture

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