Thursday, July 15, 2010

This from Andrew Grewar on my Luxlapis Facebook Page – and my answer, should be seen as part of a process, under construction at the moment.

Hi Samten, Wondering how to deal with things as an individual, and as a social and spiritual being. Please will you do a Tarot reading for us all about the crises our planet and its living systems are facing. Thank you!

Andy Grewar.

Though most people assume the Tarot cannot be used for planetary problems, this is not the case. In any event, it is homo sapiens that has caused the damage. And further, it is a certain section of sub-humanity that, in particular, must bear responsibility. In her novel, ‘The Year of The Flood’ Margaret Attwood lays the blame on ‘The Corporations’: “They couldn’t afford to be viewed by the average consumer as lying, heartless, tyrannical butchers.” But the Corporations, in turn are governed by a small sector of Directors and Shareholders. It is in these nerve centres of power that the view of profit over planetary health, has flourished, e.g. as clearly evidenced by BP. Obviously, these problems are not part of Archetypal Love and Generosity, say for example as the creative action patterns of Venus/Aphrodite, in Tarot and Astrological coding. Nor do they manifest the religious and spiritual generosity of Zeus/Jupiter.

The complete codification of our present problems, as manifest in the materialistic modality, is therefore part of the archetypal constellation of Saturn/ Arcanum 15, The Black Magician, The Devil, and to a certain extent: Pluto, Arcanum 22 – in that there is a strong connection between Power & Plutocracy.

The Tarot is an extraordinary system – in that it displays in an open manner some of the more unsavoury aspects of existence itself: Death, Destruction, Devil, Liminality, and so on. Sadly, no one to date has requested a workshop on Arcanum 15/The Devil. Or on Death, Arcanum 13 – The Reaper. Umberto Eco, in his stunning new compilation of Images and Text; ‘On Ugliness’ – has gone some way to rectify the situation.

IN many systems, alchemical, astrological, Kabbalah, Tarot, these archetypes are called: malefic, which means, causing harm – from the Latin maleficus, from male ‘ill’ + –ficus ‘doing’. When one looks at those pictures of the dying oil-covered pelicans in the Gulf of Mexico – we can definitely say this is ‘causing harm.’ Neither should we forget Hiroshima, Nagasaki, or the Concentrations Camps.

Explorations of Arcanum 15/The Devil – brings us close to the Buddhist approach of ‘causing no harm’ – and an analysis based on thousands of years of archetypal material, reveals some of the deepest and most esoteric foundations of the problems that have benighted the human condition, embedded in Arcanum 15. In order to simplify the matter, I am calling this cluster of research materal:


It will become available to subscribers in print/published form, plus a CD with a PPS presentation, and Interactive web/blog/ Facebook material – or/and/ where geographically possible, as an intensive Workshop.

Yours sincerely, Samten


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