Water on Water

In a recent Group Tarot Reading in Tokai, Cape Town – Arcanum 17 made an appearance. In the Egyptian Tarot [B.O.L.] and a few others, She is Pouring Water from the One Jar, onto Water. Our host asked for further explanation. Here are some undocumented examples from a Google search. Do your own research and offer any examples:

Then, after much meditation, the feeling arises within the bodhisattva that the mind that meditates and emptiness are one, like water poured into water;

The Vedas explain, "As water poured into water, milk poured into milk, ghee into ghee become one without differentiation, even so the individual soul and the Supreme Self become one." Aum Namah Sivaya.

In samadhi, the distinction between consciousness and the object is like water poured into water.

The practitioner thinks, the deity and I have now become the same, like water poured into water.

An extraordinary, energetic peacefulness permeates the home, their words, their gifts to us, like water poured into water.

The state of the mind in which to recognize the light is described as “self-contained in its own nature like water poured into water,

One experiences one taste like water poured into water. In the expanse of the middle way, accomplish the samadhi of the meditation of simplicity.

It shoots like an arrow to Vajrasattva’s heart, mixing inseparably with the wisdom deity, just like water poured into water.

Then, from: Rita Gross, Pouring Water into Water:

“Many people assume that the relationship between Buddhism and feminism is something like that between oil and water: They don’t mix very well. But I want to propose the possibility that the relationship is more like that of water poured into water, which is a metaphor that’s used in some of the Tibetan texts for talking about individual enlightenment merging with universally enlightened mind. When water is poured into water, the waters become indistinguishable. Maybe that’s the proper way to talk about the relationship between Buddhism and feminism.”

short article is available online as a .pdf, a search will bring it up, or if
you contact me I will email it to you.]

The image is posted one Luxlapis page, compared to the Egyptian Deity Hapi.


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